Contemporary Management Concepts On Hydrogen Energy And Its Economics With A Swot Review And Selected Examples Of Global Patterns

Hakan Çora

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Energy has been one of the basic needs of human beings through their historical progress. Within the framework of the opportunities provided by environment, the current energy resources have been disbursed at rising levels. This phenomenon has led to the depletion of conventional energy resources, which have already been limited to reserves, to a great extent while simultaneously leading to worldwide climate alteration and environmental destruction that threaten living organisms. Nowadays, renewable energy ogth energy sources have been conveyed to the agenda in order to meet the rising energy necessities of societies in a consistent, ceaseless and unpolluted way. It is possible to make an effective, low-cost and uninterrupted production from renewable energy sources with the emerging technological improvements. Moreover, renewable energy sources make noteworthy inputs to the national economies during these days.

Hydrogen energy is thought as “the energy of the 21st century”. The statement that the need for energy in the world increases and the resources decrease, and that one-day it will all deplete, has led people to substitute energy sources. Certain developed countries have made significant progress in hydrogen energy, gaining from the benefits of technology. In this research after giving information about the concept and economy of hydrogen, a Swot analysis on hydrogen economy has been carried out.

After through review of the academic literature globally and in Turkey, thanks to various valuable researchers, we have gathered recent data and presenting this comprehensive compilation. We also addressed the place of hydrogen energy in some countries and how hydrogen has become a noteworthy fuel alternative both in terms of environmental and economic aspects.


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