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Insight Turkey Vol: 19 No: 4

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  • In its last issue of 2017, Insight Turkey discusses Russia who has a strong say in many fields and how it steers international politics. This special issue of Insight Turkey aims to discuss the continuities and changes in Russia’s foreign policy priorities and strategies since the end of the Cold War.

    Richard Sakwa, Igor Torbakov, Emre Erşen and Nikolay Kozhanov analyze Russia’s relations with the Trump administration, Europe, Turkey and Iran. Additionally, Yury Barmin and Muhammet Koçak in their papers deal with Russia’s oil policies and the Russian security narratives on Islam respectively.

    Four off-topic pieces finish off the dossier for this issue. Tun Khin assesses the genocide taking place in Myanmar. He emphasizes how the world is aware of this issue but is doing nothing to prevent this event happening, resulting in thousands of deaths. The commentary of Othman Ali focuses on the city of Kirkuk, which is one of the most controversial regions in Iraq. The Venezuela crisis which is another significant crisis is brought to the readers through the commentary of Oliver Stuenkel. Lastly, Beril Dedeoğlu and Tolga Bilener portray the integration process between India and ASEAN.

    “Reclaiming the Region: Russia, the West and the Middle East,” is the last issue for 2017, which has been a very successful year for Insight Turkey. As with the previous issues, we trust that our readers will find this issue informative and constructive!

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    Basım Tarihi : Aralık 2017
    Basım Yeri : Türkiye
    Basim Dili : İngilizce
    Boyutlar : 17 x 25 cm
    Cilt Durumu : Ciltsiz
    Kağıt Tipi : Kuşe
    Sayfa Sayısı : 216
    Barkod : 3990000048701

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