The Eu Effect: Perspectıves On The Eu From The Central And South-Eastern Europe

Aziz Tuncer, Hakan Demir

Sakarya Yayıncılık

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In Turkey there are numerous academical works related to the relations between European Union and Turkey. The EU has been on the agenda of Turkish political and social life both on positive and negative aspects. Turkish academicians generally prefer to emphasize the ?uniqueness? of Turkish-EU relations. However when the related literature in Central and Southeastern Europe is studied, it is easily perceived that these countries also experience similar patterns of relation. In order to point out similar experiences, in this book, we wanted to gather some articles from Central and Southeastern Europe especially from the countries which became members of the EU after 2004. Becuase we thought the understanding of ?common patterns? rather than ?uniquness? would pave the way for sharing experiences and possibly could help to blossom a common platform. Based upon this idea as a starting point, we began to communicate with academicians and asked them whether they were able to contribute for this Project. Thanks to the their interest and kindness, they accepted to take part in the project by means of their articles.


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