Theosophical Essays

Cosmolohy, Man and Culture

Hacı Mustafa Açıköz

Elis Yayınları

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Literature, which is directly related to the man, is all about existential story and picture of human being who physically, mentally and spiritually is an active created and chosen being among the others in universe as transcendental and unique features of the animate and inanimate beings of the nature. Therefore he is the only being who communicate with his Creator by means of either internal or external language. When we refer to the material ground, the man’s communication may be taken as one sided however it is not, because of the transcendental part of his constitution which is directly connected to divine soul given by his Creator. Thus man is a special being for whom universe and all its belongings created for suitable ground or habitation to fulfil his divine mission on the earth as a model governing being.


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