What Went Wrong in Turkey?

From Muslim Democracy to Llliberal Democracy

İhsan Dağı

Phoenix Yayınevi

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AKP took office in 2002 with the promises to consolidate democracy, institutionalize the rule of law and deepen respect for human rights. After a period of reforms on the path to EU membership, the party has turned against its own success.

Why has the AKP changed and gone authoritarian?

How Turkey drifted from being a ‘model country’ that reconciles Islam with democracy to a country of political chaos and civil strife?

What went wrong in Turkey?

Is Turkey under the AKP rule a case for illiberal democracy or a post-modern authoritarianism with Islamic references?

Can Turkey’s de-democratization be stopped?

This is the story of the Islamists who failed to be democrats.

Professor İhsan Dağı is a member of the faculty in the Department of International Relations at the Middle East Technical University.


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